What is a track?

Tracks are specific topic areas under the larger organizing themes of the HackBac 2022 event. Teams will focus on working together to narrow their problem statements and identify the specific populations who experience them, eventually leading to targeted solutions. 

While participants sign-up within a track, there is no intention that the tracks act as silos. It is possible for participants who are focusing on Track 1. may well design a solution that dovetails with Track 3.. In short, don’t feel that the designation of a track is meant to constrain your creativity!

You should use the track prompts and questions below as guidance for inspiration or a point of departure for your ideas. 

Track I: A Future of Systemic Inclusion

Essential Question: How can students of color and others better communicate and understand the issues of equity, inclusion in independent schools?

Participants in this track will be able to form a shared understanding of systems that contribute to exclusion, stereotypes, isolation or limitations of students in independent schools. Students in this track will consider the ways that independent schools are not welcoming or representative of students of color, and how technology, programs, and policies can be used to envision alternative scenarios. 

Since diversity can not be distilled into any single issue of identity, how can independent schools ensure the broadest possible connection between students, teachers, coaches, administrators?

How are issues relevant to students of color communicated across time, place and circumstances

Track II:  A Future of Belonging and Trust

Essential Question: How can we ensure that people of color and cultures and income groups can  experience independent school life equitably and develop the channels for voice and advocacy? How do we ensure that a wider segment of students can take part in the independent school experience? 

How can schools develop interventions that dismantle the mechanisms of racism and replace such mechanisms with equitable structures, policies, practices, norms, and values so that a healthy school life can be realized? How might we create new innovative options for community wide support services that help students advocate for themselves, or issues and for change? What are the tools that we can create to actively help students who want to engage in campaigns, rallies, protests and education use on a day-to-day basis to promote engagement as well as accountability?

Track III: A Future of Well Being

Essential Question: How can we reimagine physical safety and mental wellbeing in the spaces, places and programs that independent schools offer?

Students in this track will consider the ways that the systems and programs at independent schools impact physical and mental wellbeing. Participants will create the services, options and opportunities specifically tailored for people of color in independent schools who are looking for care and information about ways to reduce stress, strengthen belonging and establish connections. 

How can independent schools close “the pressure gap”  that places white culture as the pinnacle of success or excellence and create broader and more culturally relevant tools for success that heighten understanding, and add value to the independent school experience? 

How can we have responsive mental health care that addresses the momementary as well as the generational trauma that many students of color carry and experience?

Track IV: A Future of Action

Essential Questions: How can we design independent schools for sustainable inclusion, leadership, and mentorship so as to learn the lifelong skills necessary for college, vocational school or advanced training? 

How can parents of color play a deeper, more visible role in helping shape students’ skills for the future? 

To what extent can injustice– be challenged and realized through innovation and creative entrepreneurship?

During this track, participants will be invited to envision, design and build technology, business or other solutions to the challenges that students of color and marginalised groups encounter in independent schools: how to be a leader, an entrepreneur, a mentor.  

Our 2022 theme….

Creating More Racially Integrated and Equitable Experiences in Independent Schools that Promote Safety, Trust, Wellness, and Belonging.

HACKBAC 2022 is a collaboration between the Black Alumni Collective, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the D! Lab, and The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning – all based at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.