St. Andrew’s Episcopal School created the D!Lab as one of many places for novel ideas, creativity, ingenuity, and innovation to thrive. We invite you to learn about the design process, the purpose of the D!Lab, and the human-centered focus of our students.

Design Thinking TED Talks

Design Thinking is not a codified process or a step-by-step framework for innovation. More than anything, it’s a mindset for approaching new product and service development based on user-focused practices and prototyping. The following TED talks, do a superb job of illustrating some of the major tenets of design thinking – observation, empathy, human need, ongoing engagement.

From the Blog

Design Thinking

Design thinking addresses a problem by creating an object, an environment, an experience, a system, a service or a communication. It is a unique and fundamental form of human intelligence that is most often expressed in the way students formulate problems, generate solutions and utilize the design process. 

the Guide

The D!Lab Guide to Imagination and Design Thinking provides a research-informed roadmap for teachers, students, school leaders, policymakers and businesses that value design thinking as integral to real-world problem solving.

About the School

From piecing together artificial limbs to building solar-powered racecars, design has been a hallmark of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School’s curriculum for more than a decade. Students in all grades have access to collaborative spaces to design and make things that will shape their habits, minds, skills and creativity.

Design is the Process.

Creativity is the Mindset.

Imagination is the Root.

Humanity is the Purpose.

Innovation is the Result.